Cognitive components of self-concepts of successful versus unsuccessful athletes

Cognitive components of self-concepts of successful versus unsuccessful athletes


PhD, Associate Professor A.E. Lovyagina
St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to analyse the cognitive components of the self-concepts of successful versus unsuccessful athletes. Applied for the study purposes were the following methods: Self- concept measuring Twenty Statements Test (TST) by M. Kuhn and T. McPartland and Behavioural Models questionnaire by K. Thomas. Subject to the study were track and field athletes (n=56 including 28 males and 28 females) qualified Class I to Honorary Master of Sports. The study showed domination of the expressive and instrumental traits and cooperation-focused behavioural type in the successful athletes’ self-concepts; versus the dominant intentional traits and competitive behavioural models in the unsuccessful athletes’ self-concepts. Competitive success in the modern track and field athletics is known to largely depend on the cognitive component and behavioural model of the self-concept. This is the reason why athletes need to have a clear understanding of the own physical and personality qualities to facilitate behavioural and competitive progress.

Keywords: self-concept, behavioural models, competitive success.


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