Cardiovascular system pathologies in elite sports



Dr.Med., Professor O.S. Kogan1
Dr.Sc.Hist. S.D. Galiullina1
1Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Ufa

Modern elite (Olympic) sports are supported by the years-long training systems designed to secure the top competitive accomplishments in the top-ranking international events. However, elite athletes are increasingly vulnerable to diseases due to the extreme physical and mental loads in the modern professional sports or erroneous/ mismanaged actions of the athletes in violation of the team physician’s or coach’s instructions. There is a wide variety of factors of negative effect on the athletes’ health including the extreme physical and mental stresses, highly competitive race for the records and negligent attitudes to the natural limitations of a human organism. It is commonly acknowledged by the sport communities today that even the new world champions are not always healthy and often diagnosed with symptoms of one or another serious pathology.

Keywords: cardiovascular system pathologies, elite sports, training system, physical and mental stresses


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