Typological model of fitness centers clients

Typological model of fitness centers clients


PhD, Associate Professor Sh.F. Farakhutdinov1
Professor V.A. Sheregova2
1Tyumen Industrial University, Tyumen
2Tyumen State Institute of Culture, Tyumen

The goal of the present paper was to allocate typological groups of fitness center clients in a large city. This issue is relevant in connection with the wide spread of the fitness industry that is gaining its social significance, due to the active involvement of people in sports life. The results of a survey conducted in Tyumen in spring of 2017 were analyzed. The hierarchical cluster analysis applied to an array of data obtained in the course of empirical research, revealed six types of clients of fitness centers with different priorities in the choice of sports activities. A brief description of socio-demographic features and specifics of consumption of fitness services for each of the selected types is given in the paper. The authors believe that the processes taking place in the fitness industry can be useful for estimating the state of the Russian society in general. The conclusion is made about the potential transformation of the existing classification and the need for further research that would make it possible to control the changing situation in dynamics.

Keywords: fitness, typology, cluster analysis, sociological research, sports priorities.


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