Sociological survey to outline bachelors' education trajectories at physical culture institute



PhD M.V. Bazilevich1
PhD E.A. Simonova1
1Tyumen State University, Tyumen

Competency of a Physical Culture Institute graduate for professional career is known to directly depend on the education process quality. Objective of the study was to apply a sociological survey tools and data to explore the Physical Culture Institute students’ attitudes to the academic education process. Subject to the study were the first-to-fourth year full-time students (n= 109 including 65 males and 44 females). For the purposes of the study, we made a special emphasis on the individual motivations of the respondents for choosing the education establishment. The questionnaire survey data showed that the respondents’ interest was largely due to the following: popularity of the Physical Culture Institute; good employment opportunities for its graduates; satisfaction with the education curricula; and friendly academic environment at the Institute. Most serious problems mentioned by the respondents were the following: limited space in the students’ dormitory; shortage of finance and educational assets; and too high pricing of the students’ dining service.

Keywords: bachelors, attitudes to academic process, physical education, academic life, student events.


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