Body parts weigting technology to control physical loads



PhD, Professor E.A. Zemskov1
Postgraduate Е.S. Zakharova1
1Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow

The study analyses the ways to apply the body parts weighing technologies (i.e. weights on limbs and trunk placed reasonably far from the body mass centre) to control physical workloads. The study was designed to apply the HR data to analyse the rhythmic physical training process intensity and effects in the weighed/ weight-free training formats. We found that the training process intensity grows with the growth of weights on different body parts; with the physical activity making a transition from the aerobic to anaerobic energy supply mechanism. The study findings may be applied to develop theoretical and practical basics for the new rhythmic athletic gymnastics with musical illustrations.

Keywords: physical workload, aerobic gymnastic exercises, weights, HR, pulse versus total work, pulse versus total rehabilitation, average pulse cost of work, average rehabilitation pulse, process intensity, athletic rhythms.


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