Terminology related to scales and turns in aesthetic gymnastics



Dr.Hab., Professor A.I. Kravchuk1
PhD, Professor G.N. Pshenichnikova1
PhD, Associate Professor J.V. Korichko2
1Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports, Omsk
2Nizhnevartovsk State University, Nizhnevartovsk

The study analyses the terms and definitions related to scales and turns within the classified elements of the modern aesthetic gymnastics, with a special emphasis on the relevant terminological differences and similarities. A few examples of the same routine being differently defined and described by the rules of competitions are given in the article. Based on the analysis of the terms and definitions of scales and turns in modern aesthetic gymnastics, the authors conclude that the terminology shall be harmonized with some contradictory terms being removed from the formal terminology to secure due clarity, conciseness, precision and consistent interpretations of the terms in the education and training process and the routine design and description practices in modern aesthetic gymnastics.

Keywords: aesthetic gymnastics, rules of competitions, terminology, scales and turns.


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