Programmatic and practical provisions for off-class practices in Physical Education discipline



PhD, Associate Professor E.D. Mitusova1
V.V. Mitusov1
PhD M.V. Andrianov2
1Sports Greco-Roman Wrestling School "Spartak", Moscow region, Kolomna
2State Social Humanitarian University, Moscow Region, Kolomna

Objective of the study was to implement due programmatic and practical provisions for the off-class practices in the Physical Education discipline. Subject to the study of the class versus off-class practices were Study Group (n=28) and Reference Group (n=29) of school students. The Reference Group was trained at Secondary School #20 in Kolomna as required by the standard physical education program for school students of 1-11 grades (V.I. Lyakh, A.A. Zdanevich, 2012) taking 3 lessons per week. The Study Group was trained at Secondary School #24 in Kolomna 3 times a week as required by the innovative technology of our design with application of universal competitive wrestling techniques in the variable part of the training sessions. The off-class practices were designed using the Basic Competitive Wrestling Elements program (3 hours a week).
The study data and analyses showed benefits of the programmatic innovative physical education technology for the sportizated physical education in primary school classes and off-class practices as it may provide important motivations for the children being engaged in systemic wrestling practices and give them chances to qualify for primary training groups.

Keywords: physical education, students, Greco-Roman wrestling, programmatic and practical provisions, off-class practices.


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