Theoretical and practical provisions for integrative potential of modern physical education



Dr.Hab., Associate Professor S.Y. Maksimova1
Dr.Hab., Professor N.A. Fomina1
1Volgograd State Academy of Physical Culture, Volgograd

The study analyses the relevant provisions of different theories to substantiate the opportunities for the modern physical education integration with other sciences. The integrative potential of modern physical education may be analysed based on the concept of two avenues.
The first avenue refers to the integrative education concepts based on the systemic views, ideas and provisions related to such education process model, including the tutorial social forces integration concept with its core developed by V.D. Semenov and Y.S. Brodskiy. It was V.I. Zvyagintsev who provided theoretical basics for the educational knowledge intra-disciplinary integration concept in his works. Classified with the first group of basic education process integration concepts may be also the education system integration concept by V.N. Sadovskiy.
The second avenue is formed by the education and cultural concepts. It should be mentioned that they make no direct reference to the integrative potential of the education process albeit they still offer implicit prerequisite for the process systematisation. A system approach shall be applied to harmonise the physical education technologies with the other education domains. It is the modern anthropological approach that provides a foothold for the integrative potential of physical education to be mobilized. The personality cultural-and-historical development concept by L.S. Vygotskiy underlines the need for the physical education being integrated with the adjacent scientific fields.

Keywords: theoretical and practical provisions, integration, physical education.


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