Coordination ability building practices of schoolchildren in 15-16 year-olds by group basketball trainings



Applicant O.V. Kudryavtseva1
PhD, Associate Professor M.A. Kaimin1
D.A. Vasilchenko1
PhD, Professor E.I. Mikhailova1
PhD, Associate Professor E.B. Derevleva1
1Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow

Practices to develop coordination abilities in 15-16 year-olds by group basketball trainings are presently viewed among the most beneficial physical education practices. A special priority is given to the speed-strength qualities that need to be high enough for success in modern basketball sport.
Objective of the study was to develop the coordination ability building practices in the 15-16 year-olds by group basketball trainings. The training model piloting experiment was performed at Educational Establishment #1101 in Moscow in the period of September 2016 to May 2017. Subject to the experiment were 15-16 year-old school students (n=20) split up into Study and Reference Groups of 10 people each. The Study Group was trained as required by the coordination ability building model, and the Reference Group was trained only under the regular school physical education program.
The coordination ability building model based on the group basketball trainings was found beneficial in application to the 15-16 year olds as verified by the Study Group progress versus the Reference Group for the period of experiment, with the test data difference being significant (p<0.05). A special emphasis in the Study Group training model was given to the coordination ability building component, with progress in the other components explainable by the side effects of the coordination ability development process.

Keywords: coordination abilities, schoolchildren, group basketball trainings.


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