Actions to improve modern federal standards for figure skating sport at primary training (sport specialization) stage



PhD, Associate Professor E.V. Zhgun1
PhD, Professor I.V. Absalyamova1
L.V. Kuznetsova1
S.E. Fomicheva1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

Objective of the study was to rate the technical and special physical fitness of figure skaters at the primary training stage versus the new Federal Standards for Figure Skating Sport. Subject to the study were junior figure skaters born in 2006-2008, qualified as Class I-III Athletes at their primary training stage at the Children’s and Youth Olympic Reserve Figure Skating Sport (CYORSS) School named after S.A. Zhuk under the CSCA Club and Sport and Education Centre “Sambo-70” under control of the Moscow Sport Committee Figure Skating Division “Chaykovskaya Skate”.
The general and special physical fitness rating tests showed the worst test rates of the subjects being still by far in excess of the qualification rates of the Federal Standards for Figure Skating Sport for every age group. The finding is indicative of the FS being in need of a revision to make a special emphasis on the qualitative merits of the routines rather than the quantitative ones and to give a higher priority to the quality of both the competitive routines and every of the training practices. Based on the study data, we recommend the Federal Standards for Figure Skating Sport being revised at least in application to the primary training (sport specialisation) stage taking two years, with a special priorities to the stage-specific training practices and routines.

Keywords: figure skating, Federal Standards for Figure Skating Sport, modern refereeing system applied by International Skating Union, special technical, general and special physical fitness rates.


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