Speed qualities excelling training for footballers in different game positions



Postgraduate A.S. Zaychenko1
PhD, Professor Y.A. Popov1
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

Physical fitness in football may be varied by different training tools and systems, which, when reasonably and widely applied, may facilitate a variety of tactical goals being attained by players having different game positions. Actual game and training practices naturally limit the range of applicable physical training tools and methods albeit the practical effects of the latter on players in different game positions are widely different and may be critical for success of specific tactical missions. Therefore we analysed not only some aspects of the special physical training of players in different game positions but also their manoeuvrability in matches since modern football requires the game rhythm and pace being varied by harmonised teamwork as dictated by the game situations. We have analysed the speed rates of footballers in different game positions since these rates are indicative of the players’ mobility on the field. We applied for the purposes of the study a mobility rate that gives the means to assess whether or not the physical fitness rates of the players in different game positions are duly harmonised to provide a basis for their progress in speed qualities and, hence, team speed on the whole.

Keywords: footballers’ physical fitness, speed rates on distances, different game positions, working ability, mobility rate, manoeuvrability.


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