Modern dance sport cultivation and development trends in Khanty-Mansi (Yugra) Autonomous Region



Fizicheskaya kultura: vospitanie, obrazovanie, trenirovka №6 2016, pp.73-76

Associate Professor, PhD A.R. Galeev
Nizhnevartovsk State University, Nizhnevartovsk

The article gives an overview of the dance sport history, present situation and developmental trends and opportunities in the Khanty-Mansi (Yugra) Autonomous Region, with a special emphasis on the key problems and issues coming up in the competitive training and mass sport development process in the area. The modern situation and the demand for a dynamically progressing and competitive federation to coordinate efforts of the sport specialists to build up a high sporting culture, foster the sport-centred health agenda in the young population and capitalize on the historical traditions require the following initiatives being taken: lure more people to the sport; establish competitive dance divisions at the regional sport schools; improve the assets of the regional sport/ dance clubs and the Children’s and Youth Sport Schools; and help advance the skills of the specialists contributing to the local dance sport culture via systemic education courses and master classes by the leading Russian and world experts.

Keywords: dance sport, federation, sport progress, priority initiatives.


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