Russian physical culture and sports "Ready for Labour and Defence" (GTO) complex as a socially harmonized personality development project



Professor, Dr.Hab. I.S. Kolesnik
Professor, Dr.Hab. L.D. Nazarenko
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University named after I.N. Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk

It was due to the top priority being given by the national government to the people’s health, labour efficiency and life expectancy improvement initiatives that the GTO Complex was reinstated (in 2014) as a regulatory basis for the national physical culture system. However, progress of the GTO Complex is currently limited by a variety of objective reasons including: insufficient provisions and infrastructure; focus of the GTO Complex on physical fitness only; formal attitudes to the GTO Complex reinstatement initiatives etc., and these and other obstacles still largely hamper progress of the GTO Complex. The article offers a new approach to the GTO Complex implementation through mass application of a variety of physical education forms; combat sports; dancing and strength aerobics; swimming; rowing; team sports; active games etc. A key condition for these practices being efficient is their focus on the intellectual, spiritual, ethical, aesthetical and physical development needs. For the relevant instructors’ and practitioners’ training, a system of elective courses is proposed to be established; with the municipal squares, green zones, parks, yards and natural water reservoirs being applied for the practices when and where the necessary sport/ training facilities, gyms and pools are not available. Experimental tests under the study showed the proposed 2014 GTO Complex implementation technology being efficient.

Keywords: 2014 GTO Complex, implementation technology, GTO test conditions.


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