Chess-playing Potential Rating Index



Associate professor, PhD I.V. Mikhaylova
Associate professor, PhD A.I. Alifirov
Russian State Social University, Moscow

Objective of the study was to make a content-analysis of the existing competitive chess training system and identify the key factors, logics and specifics of the competitive training process at different sport excellence stages including the elite training stage. Having analyzed the existing legal and regulatory provisions for the competitive chess training system in Russia, we found a few significant contradictions and drawbacks, and offered a diversification of the modern training system components based on the latest achievements of the information/ communication technologies and teaching methods and tools. A chess-playing potential rating index was designed and substantiated for practical application in the chess education theory and practice to rate the combination of the physical, mental, technical, tactical and informational/ communicative mastery components dynamically varying in different sport excellence stages. The study gives an overview of the chess-playing potential rating index and sorts out the modern educational forms, methods and tools applicable in a chess mastery course. The intellectual and heuristic benefits of the chess game determine the genuine harmony in the development of philosophical, mental and psychophysical aspects in an individual mastery excellence system to secure good competitive progress and thereby employ the intellectual resource of the master to the maximum possible degree.

Keywords: training system, informational/ communicative training, sport training, application software, chess-playing potential .


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