Vocationally oriented practice design by sport university in the US



Postgraduate E.E. Mozhaev
Associate Professor, Dr.Hab. R.K. Bikmukhametov
Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Kazan

The article considers the vocational (guided) practice process in the physical education and sport universities of the United States. Subject to a special analysis was the American system of the university students’ practice which is very typical for the higher educational system of the US on the whole. The considered practice is unique in the sense that it makes it possible for the sport students to gain practical experience exactly in the sector that is assumed to be the most fitting for their specific sporting agenda.
In the ongoing process of the Russian national education system integration into the global community, special priority will be given to the initiatives to identify the differences and capitalize on the positive experience of the other nations by implementing and testing the most promising projects in the Russian national education system. The system of the students’ practices in the US appears to be quite beneficial in a few aspects, particularly in assisting the students in their efforts to shape up the relevant general cultural, general professional and specific professional competences and self-assess the personal knowledge and abilities as a basis for success in the future professional career.

Keywords: American education, “guidance program”, bachelor, master, physical education and sports in the US.


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