Game complex "Our Olympus" as efficient extra-curriculum physical education tool



Dr.Sc.Tech. V.V. Berendt1
Associate Professor, PhD E.L. Safronov1
1Pan-Russian public organization "National system of development of scientific, creative and innovative activities of Russian youth "Integration", Moscow
2Moscow Polytechnic University, Moscow

The article presents the pilot design, technological and conceptual developments for the multidisciplinary Game Complex “Our Olympus” based on the national Russian game traditions. The Game Complex provisionally includes 6-8 themes with the total number of games, game options and versions coming to above 60. The frame games having no analogues on the global markets are protected by more than 20 patents/ certificates of the Russian Federation for inventions and utility models, plus the certificates from the Russian Authors’ Society.
The Game Complex offers no virtual games. Every game in the Complex offers live training and development activities including the physical ones based on the relevant code of rules and special methodology. The study discusses results of the broad-based inter-regional piloting of the new games, with the test results being supported by comments, expert opinions and conclusions of specialists reputable in different cultural and educational domains, plus opinions of the trainees (school and university students and handicapped people) and their families. 

Keywords: game, game culture, Game Complex, contests, skills, qualities, development, design, technology, training and educational activity, mini-sports.


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