Combined tests to rate physical fitness based on factor analysis


Professor, Dr.Hab. R.M. Kadyrov
Professor, PhD V.D. Get’man
Professor, PhD A.V. Karavan
Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to apply factor analysis as one of many possible theoretical and practical methods to rate physical fitness of military service personnel. The method is basically designed to take an array of the test exercise performance data and apply the factor analysis to identify the key factors and exercises most beneficial for the factors-based rating. Furthermore, the study presents factor load matrixes for the key factors applicable in the servicemen performance tests from the standard set of the existing physical training system.
When the test combination is composed of three tests, it is obvious that their harmonization rates should be high enough. In this case, a minimal set of tests could make it possible to extensively rate the service personnel physical fitness levels. On the other hand, it may be beneficial in the academic progress assessment process to expand the test exercise combinations (using an accumulation method) with the factor load rates being used as the test selection criteria.

Keywords: physical training, assessment and rating, factor analysis.


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