Higher sports education in Korea Republic: history timeline


Postgraduate Lee Inkhvan
Dr.Hab., professor L.K. Sidorov
Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafiev

The work contains information material about the history timeline of higher sports education in one of the highly developed countries - the Republic of Korea. Analyzed in detail are the curricula and educational programs of higher sports education of students in the country.
The work is important since it provides a detailed analysis of foreign higher sports education in Asia. All this contributes to integration of European and Asian educational systems within the framework of the integration of modern sports education, which results in a new level of physical education specialist training for modern society.
According to phased analysis of formation of higher sports education in the Republic of Korea, University of Japan was the first educational institution of higher sports education. Later Seoul National University of Physical Education and Sports was established at the premises of this university. All that has allowed to design the Physical Education and Sport Departments at the premises of national universities in the regions of Korea: Busan, Koryo, Daegu, Moppo and others.

Keywords: higher sports education, history timeline, curricula, educational programs.


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