Student sport club to promote complex «Ready for Labour and Defense» complex


Associate professor, PhD J.A. Dorogova
Associate professor, PhD N.I. Palagina
Associate professor, PhD E.A. Loskutova
N.V. Yambaeva
Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola

The Ares Student Sport Club of Mari State University (MSU) has been working since 2015. The club activists got teachers of the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism involved in promotion and intensive implementation of the Russian Physical Culture and Sport Complex "Ready for Labour and Defense" (GTO) among students via mass media and reputation of personal achievements in the implementation of the standards. For modern youth the successful implementation of the standards is an indicator of prestige that increases their image among peers. Active participation of the Ares MSU student sports club members in national, republican and municipal mass sport events in 2015 contributed to the increase in the interest, involvement of the university students in various sports clubs. Through their personal example the club member encourage other students to pass the GTO complex tests, conduct seminars in their departments/institutes on students' self-training (using effective exercise sets) for the GTO complex tests.

Keywords: Student Sports Club, Russian student sport clubs association, Ready for Labour and Defense (GTO) complex.


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