Backspin flight exercise training methods in artistic gymnastics


Associate professor, PhD V.A. Parakhin
Associate professor M.A. Lubshev
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow

The work describes the backspin flight elements and the process of building the skills of their technically correct implementation.
Biomechanical analysis of the gymnastic movement is the basis of the educational concept of learning this exercise. Without proper understanding of the structure and the technique of performance of the exercise it is impossible to sufficiently confidently and efficiently master the movement technique.
The success of the structural and correction work on the flight exercise is critically dependent on the means of study, namely on training exercises. Conventionally, the whole possible set of these exercises can be divided into basic and correctional exercises. The first group corresponds primarily to the structural phase activities, and the second - to the stage of correctional activities. Coach has a wide range of opportunities for designing the movement and its subsequent correction. This may apply not only to exercises with the apparatus from specific parts of the target exercise, but also a variety of simulation tasks performed, for example, in the form of acrobatic exercises.

Keywords: artistic gymnastics, flight exercise, motor skill.


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