Elective physical education conditions in bachelor training: design specifics


S.N. Chernyakova
Dr.Hab., professor I.V. Manzheley
Tyumen State University, Tyumen

The problem of research is related to searching of the ways to improve students' physical education process to meet the challenges of time and the competency building approach to education. The authors have shown the options of organizing the university physical education environment to meet the needs of the subject and focus of the educational process. Organization of the physical education process involves creating such an environment of bachelor physical education program implementation, which would be rich in various subject microenvironments and incentives for students to obtain their own results of academic and extra-curricular activities, that would contribute to display and expression of their individuality via physical culture and mass sport.

Keywords: physical education, competency building approach, physical education competence, elective physical education conditions, individual physical education procedure, information resources.


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