Development of simulator theory in practical shooter system training


Dr.Hab., PhD A.A. Peredel'skiy
Master's Degree Student D.A. Bogorodetskiy
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow

The paper gives a general description and justification of the author's conceptual approach to the development of a special practical shooting simulator theory in the context of the debate about the extent and area of application of this theory in training of shooters for international competitions.
In the theoretical and practical research in the field of sport exercise machine theory was developed by many scientists, but as shown by the analysis of documents, most of the huge array of thematic information is more or less based on the development works of three major authors: I.P. Ratov, S.P. Evseev, G.I. Popov. However, none of them have specifically done a research in the field of shooting simulators. In turn, designers of shooting simulators for biathletes, bullet shooters, archers and crossbow shooters were made specifically for the given sports. The shooting simulators they designed themselves are still not and for good reasons will never be widely used in such a sport as practical shooting.

Keywords: practical shooting, special simulator theory, integration of training machines, design patterns of shooting exercises.


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