Trends between psychosomatic health self-rating and emotional lability


D.A. Matveev1
Associate Professor, PhD A.A. Potsipun1
V.A. Yashkin1
N.V. Vaganova1
Professor, Dr.Hab. A.G. Levitskiy2
1Saint Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg
2National State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Health n.a. P.F. Lesgaft, St. Petersburg

The objective of the article was to determine the relationship between the level of health and emotional lability. The modified FPI questionnaire was applied to diagnoze emotional lability and the V.P. Voytenko's psychosomatic health self-rating survey - for estimation of the level of health. 287 students of Saint Petersburg State University were subject to experiment: 219 boys and 68 girls of 16-18 years of age. All respondents belonged either to basic medical group or preparatory group. During experimental data processing the indicators of emotional lability were divided into 3 intervals: 1-3 points (low), 4-6 points (average), 7-9 points (high). Indicators of self-rating of psychosomatic health were divided into 2 intervals: 6 or less points, 7 points or more. The experimental results suggest that the high rates of emotional lability often correspond to the worst health rating. Information obtained in this experiment can be used to develop new methods of teaching sports when organizing the training process in sports sections, specialized children and youth sport schools, etc.

Keywords: emotional lability, health, sport.


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