Physical exercises to correct body composition of technical students


L.V. Shvetsova
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow

The most objective factor limiting physical activity is that students of a technical university have not enough free time after classes. In this situation short-term emotional physical exercises must be useful. Students of technical universities often associate healthy lifestyle with the corrective effects of physical exercises.
The researchers examined the application specifics of the technique of 10-minute non-stop rope skipping in the main part of the body conditioning lesson for the purpose of body composition correction in technical students.
It has been established that visceral fat was still forming in students when endurance running training was applied. As seen from the findings that 10-minute non-stop rope skipping in the pulse zone of 170-180 bpm reduces the amount of total and visceral fat in the body. But one is to train three times a week to achieve such results. During regular checkweighing students learnt the benefits of training using the proposed technique.

Keywords: technical university, body composition, rope skipping, submaximal power zone, level of physical activity.


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