Pre-game conversation as effective referee training method in basketball


Candidate F.B. Dmitriev
Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, Malakhovka, Moscow region

Basketball is constantly being improved, which in turn requires a professional approach to the training of all participants in the game, including the refereeing personnel.
In connection with the above, the researchers offer a science-based way to improve the quality of refereeing and reduce the number of erroneous decisions - use of teaching methods in basketball referee training. Such methods are developed and used in the training of referees in Moscow and the Moscow region and are represented in the federations of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Finland, Italy, etc.
The study of these techniques, namely the pre-game conversation, helped improve the basic functions of the arbiters: proper allocation of game situations, early detection of violations of the rules of the game, development of mental strength and confidence, and most importantly - objective determination of match winner.
It should be emphasized that the findings were presented at the European seminar-clinics dedicated to training of basketball referees in Bulgaria and Sweden, and were met with complete approval and positive feedback.

Keywords: refereeing, referee, game process, control, education, intellect, intuition.


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