Effectiveness of conjugate-consistent allocation of athletic training resources during initial specialization (case study of tennis)


Postgraduate student Din' Huong Chuong
Dr.Hab., Professor V.Ya. Ignat'eva
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

Training means organized in compliance with the conjugate-consistent method have a positive effect on the fitness level of tennis players at the stage of initial specialization. There is noted the positive effect of such organization on the implementation of the capabilities of young tennis players in competitive activity. The novelty of the results consists in the expedient and logical combination in the integrated system of components of initial specialization, which contributed to the improvement of sports performance. In Vietnam, efforts have been taken to implement this method of training of young tennis players at the stage of early specialization.

Keywords: training, allocation of funds, annual cycle, junior tennis players.


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