Program for training pupils aged 11-12 for GTO tests using hockey means


Postgraduate student E.A. Gerasimov
Dr.Hab., Professor F.R. Zotova
Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Kazan

The purpose of the present research was to carry out a theoretical and methodological and experimental study of physical education of pupils of 11-12 years of age (III stage), aimed at training pupils for the GTO complex tests.
The universality and accessibility of hockey, a wide range of exercises and group activities, a variety of technical and tactical elements in combination with cognitive activity create objective conditions and favorable educational environment for successful problem solving in the sphere of not only sports and physical but also moral, patriotic and motivational-value education of modern pupils.
The proposed experimental physical education curriculum for pupils of 11-12 years of age (III stage of the GTO complex), based on the pre-emptive use of means of hockey was proved expedient and effective; it can be used for significant improvement of the quality of physical education of mid-level pupils.

Keywords: hockey, Russian physical culture and sports complex GTO, educational technology, simulation, hockey means, physical education curriculum.


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