Subject-subject approach to promoting healthy lifestyle of Russian citizens

Subject-subject approach to promoting healthy lifestyle of Russian citizens


E.L. Safronov1, 2
1 Ph.D., associate professor
2 Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Moscow

One of the areas of long-term comprehensive research was presented in the work, in which it is suggested to consider the subject-subject approach to the aspects of formation of health of citizens of the Russian Federation through the prism of the theory and methodology of physical education and with regard to the activity of the social state in ensuring health, physical development and physical fitness of its citizens.
The state and public activities in the area of development and implementation of measures aimed at creating the nation's health were analyzed, the tendencies of the information field were identified and the factors limiting the formation of a healthy lifestyle were established. It resulted in a significant increase in the activity of state authorities and the public initiative to create the conditions for physical education of the population. Modern Russians can practice physical culture and sport, can freely obtain and analyze healthy lifestyle related information. The factors limiting healthy lifestyle, primarily include: heterochrony of the regime of citizens in multitasking and uncertainty conditions; low-active behavior typical for many citizens; lack of awareness of the forms and methods of formation of healthy lifestyle and motivation, suggesting the subject’s role for a man.
There were suggested measures to bring the nation's health to a new quantitative and qualitative level, which is directed to the transformation of a person from the object to the subject of healthy lifestyle, as well as development of stable stereotypes in him, aimed at creating a favourable phenotype, and accordingly - health.

Keywords: physical education, sport. rate of natural increase, state and public activity, subject-subject approach to healthy lifestyle promotion, social state, steady demand for physical activity, favourable phenotype.


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