Age norm: problems and prospects


V.A. Sal'nikov1, 3, S.P. Khozey2, 3, E.M. Revenko2, 4
1 Dr.Hab., professor
2 Ph.D., associate professor
3 Omsk Tank-Automotive Engineering Institute, Omsk
4 Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI), Omsk

The age norms of development, in compliance with which the content of the training process can be determined, were considered in the paper. Statistical approach is most popular for interpretation of norm, that can be applied for quantitative measurement of an examined object. However, the average statistical standard does not fully shows the dynamics of human development. Numerous data available often reveal the problem only from one side - in terms of developmental age, and the role of individual psychological components in the structure of motor abilities is clearly being studied insufficiently. However, no matter how great the role of the social experience accumulation and numerous other factors is, particularly, the natural properties of the human brain with their countless individual variations act as internal conditions for development of abilities.

Keywords: age, age norm, individual variability, abilities, individual differences, sensitiveness.


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