On the Strategy of System Innovations in Health Formation of Rising Generation

E.V. Khromin, Ph.D.
Department of sport and youth policy of Tyumen administration
E.A. Korotkova, professor, Dr.Hab.
Tyumen state university, Tyumen
A.E. Stepanov
Department for education of Tyumen administration

Key words: health, integration, strategy, system innovations, infrastructure, monitoring.
The purpose of the study was to enhance the quality and efficiency of the process of formation of health of the rising generation via integration of innovations in management of children’s and youth sport and sports education in Tyumen.
Development and integration of innovations in the sphere of management of sport for children and youth and education in the field of physical culture have a number of positive effects: the arisen results needing further motion of translation, i.e. development of innovative educational technologies, new forms of interaction etc.; the observed process of dominance of qualitative efficiency criteria of different innovations via their selective integration; the revealed new capacities of applications of innovations in other spheres of activity; the optimizing process of professional development of employees implementing innovations; economic relationship (activity in conditions of economic agreements) significant stimulation of activity of parties interested in obtaining positive effects of introduction.


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