Design of Russian National Competitive-Game Traditions in Physical Education of University Students

Design of Russian National Competitive-Game Traditions in Physical Education of University Students


V.V. Ponomarev
professor, Dr.Hab.
O.V. Limarenko
associate professor, Ph.D.
A.V. Yatskovsky, D.S. Prikhodov
Siberian state technological university, Krasnoyarsk

Key words: national competitive traditions of Russian people in physical education of youth, martial arts, fistfighting, dancing with games, hand-to-hand fighting exercises.
The modern education made high requirements to education and training of the young generation, which, in its turn, requires big psychophysical expenditures from young people.
The purpose of the study was to design an adapted program based on the competitive game of Russian national traditions in physical education of pupils.
The positive dynamics of results of the carried out educational experiment indicated to high practical and educative value of competitive-game traditions in physical education of university students.
The findings can be effectively used in lecture courses for students of teacher's and physical education universities and postgraduate retraining and refresher courses for teachers and specialists in physical education.


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