Sports Education as Integral Condition of Harmonization of Junior Athlete's Personality Development



E.P. Maksachuk
Moscow state academy of physical culture, Malakhovka, the Moscow region

Key words: junior athletes, harmonization, sports education.
Currently the society has realized that true professionalism in any activity is possible only in case of harmonious combination of the components of the educational process. It is harmonization that will help to eradicate the ignorant phrase: "Might goes before right". Athletes need physical conditions, knowledge and the whole range of moral and volitional qualities, enabling to win brilliantly victories and to be a good citizen of his country. This article concerns the role of sports education in the formation of harmoniously developed personality.
The purpose of the study was to reveal the value of sports education in formation of a young athletes' personality.
Sports education is inseparable from other types of education. The organic basis of their relationship is the unity of human physical and spiritual development, as well as the rules of organization of the whole social system of sports education, being the most important method of personality's comprehensive development.
Sport education is a purposeful activity on the formation of the stable interest in sport and sports lifestyle via integration in the training process of educational, educative and training forms that have complex effects on the formation of a young athletes' personality.


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