Motor Activity as a Primary Condition of the Process of Rehabilitation of Students with Health Disorders

Motor Activity as a Primary Condition of the Process of Rehabilitation of Students with Health Disorders


A.I. Popkov
associate professor
Moscow state industrial university, Moscow

Key words: physical rehabilitation, students, health, body fitness, process, loading.
To achieve success in physical rehabilitation of students with health disorfders independent, beyond the timetable physical exercises selected in view of their disease are of primary importance in the system of higher education.
It is well known that physical activity regulated in accordance with the principles of physical culture is not only the most important condition of formation of healthy lifestyle, but also one of the basics of effective construction of rehabilitation process.
The purpose of the present study was to justify the use of means and methods of physical rehabilitation of students of SMG within a higher education institution.
The results obtained suggest that success in physical rehabilitation of SMG students in the system of higher education mainly depend on independent physical exercises, selected in view of disease and regularly performed with the gradual wave-like loading increase and compliance with the didactic principles of physical culture and individual's active participation in the rehabilitative process. Rehabilitation sessions within the academic timetable in conjunction with independent extracurricular classes in the amount of approximately 2 hours per week contribute to the development of processes of the body's adaptation to physical loads. I.P. Pavlov considered adaptation processes as the body's main reactive activity, which is closely related with all its systems.
The classes on the subject "Physical education" for students of SMG in the amount of 4 hours per week within the educational process of higher vocational training do not have a proper rehabilitation effect.


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