Formation of Basics of Tactics of Wrestling in Standing Position in Junior Sambo Wrestlers

Formation of Basics of Tactics of Wrestling in Standing Position in Junior Sambo Wrestlers


S.D. Serporezyuk
Latyshev's sports club
Yu.V. Chekhranov
associate professor, Ph.D.
Moscow university of MIA RF, Moscow

Key words: sport, junior sambo wrestlers, technique, wrestling tactics, training technique.
Sambo is a national sport in Russia, in which thousands of young athletes are involved who want to continue the winning traditions of sambo wrestlers of the senior generation. Competition in the international sambo contests is steadily growing, which requires continuous improvement of the methodology of training athletes, including groups of initial training of wrestlers. Technique and tactics are essential components in sports wrestling. At the same time, the existing training programs for young sambo wrestlers the issues of teaching wrestling techniques are covered in considerable detail, while regarding the teaching tactics there are disagreement and inconsistencies so far. Experts also note that wrestlers' tactical skills are often displayed intuitively, of the competitive experience they have acquired. Herewith, the need to introduce popularly athletes to the laws of all aspects of wrestling already at an early phase of learning is marked. Therefore, improvement of the efficiency of the methodology of teaching the basics of wrestling tactics to young sambo wrestlers is still relevant.
The purpose of the study was to improve the quality of fitness of young sambo wrestlers on the basis of formation of skills of purposeful tactical training for performance of standing techniques.


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