Formation of Individual Competitive Actions in Junior Wrestlers



V.V. Gozhin
professor, Dr.Hab.
V.L. Dement'ev
professor, Dr.Hab
N.A. Fedyaev
Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (SCOLIPhC), Moscow

Key words: system of physical education, integration, level of teachers' vocational competence, traumatic means of physical education, risk factors, health risk groups, special medical groups.
Purposeful formation of the range of individual competitive actions in young wrestlers should be implemented on the basis of early allocation, subsequent advanced development and improvement of favourite techniques. Early allocation of favourite techniques is comprehensive and based on both allocation of athlete's individual morphological (growth characteristics), physical (patterns of execution of technical actions) and mental (styles of use of technical actions in competitive activity) features, and considering the existing practice of sports wrestling, i.e. active competition rules and regulatory software of long-term technical training of young wrestlers. Advanced development and improvement of the favourite technique within the proposed methodology is characterized by the development of a set of interrelated technical elements, each of which should be overlearnt, the elements should be strongly related, flexible and reliable, and their peculiarity and mastered number is both to reflect the wrestler's individual characteristics and match them.


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