Enhancement of System of Physical Education of Students of Non-Sports Universities

Enhancement of System of Physical Education of Students of Non-Sports Universities


F.M. Kodolova
associate professor, Ph.D.
Ulyanovsk state university, Ulyanovsk
L.D. Nazarenko
professor, Dr.Hab.
Ulyanovsk state pedagogical university, Ulyanovsk

Key words: non-sports university, physical culture, areas for improvement.
Modern society is going through a difficult period characterized by dynamic changes in all spheres of life, search for the ways to achieve sustainable socio-economic development. Global environmental and socio-economic crisis conditioned the significant deterioration of the indices of physical development and health of pupils and young students. In this situation the problem of health promotion, formation of sports lifestyle requires special attention.
The solution to this problem is related to the necessity of establishing a new system of ideas of the values ​​of physical culture and sport. The state of university physical culture currently necessitates the solution of the following tasks:
- Creation of conditions for training of young students educated in the field of physical culture and sport, capable of self-actualization in different types of physical culture and recreational and mass sports activities, self-control of the indices of physical development, physical fitness and functional state of the body;
- Identification and use of intellectual, spiritual and moral and cultural potential of physical culture and sport, providing a significant increase in their prestige.
The purpose of the study was theoretical and methodological validation of the ways to improve the university system of physical culture and sport.


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