Gender Differences of Value-Motivational Orientation of Boxers' Personality

Gender Differences of Value-Motivational Orientation of Boxers' Personality


R.A. Sultanova
Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (SCOLIPhC), Moscow.

Key words: value-motivational orientation of personality, gender differences, qualification level, gender model of value-motivational orientation of personality of boxers.
Currently, there is a tendency to increasing number of the ones involved in boxing, both among men and women. Women have literally broken into this sport, and their orientation is expressed in the strive for absolute records set by men, sometimes even at the expense of their health. The peculiarities of the personality orientation of male and female boxers with different skill levels at different phases of sports perfection are still the least studied.
The problem situation being objectified and aggravated in boxing, reflected in the problem of feasibility of designing a model of value-motivational orientation of boxer's personality in view of gender and qualification differences. The problems of the research have started acquiring special relevance since 2012 after inclusion of women's boxing in the program of London Olympic Games.
The purpose of the study was to develop the factor model of a boxer based on the study of gender differences of value-motivational orientation of boxers' personality.
The value-motivational orientation of boxers' personality is varied and individually differentiated by skill level and gender differences. The submitted gender patterns of the value-motivational orientation of boxers' personality not just involve organization of the training process in view of skill level and gender differences of boxers. Trainers are to focus on development of a certain systemizing factor to increase other factor components of each group of boxers, enhancing high results in sport.


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