The Use of the Website «Mobile Trainer» to Organize Physical Education Classes



R.S. Nagovitsyn
associate professor, Ph.D.
A.G. Fefilov
Glazov state pedagogical institute named after V.G. Korolenko, Glazov

Key words: physical education classes, youth, website "Mobile trainer", mobile learning, content for gadgets.
The implementation of mobile learning in a university is an innovative trend in modern education.
The purpose of the present study was to modernize physical education classes in term of the use of the mobile content, presented on the specialized author's website "Mobile trainer" to intensify motor activity of young people.
It has been proved by the results of the study that the introduction of mobile learning at physical education classes has a generally positive effect on the physical conditions of young people. The potentials of mobile learning in their efficiency significantly superior to traditional teaching methods used in the sphere of education, since they involve a combination of different teaching methods and means that affect various aspects of students' personality. Mobile technologies help to increase the interest and motivation and valuable attitude to physical education classes, timely learning of a significant amount of information, which is very important in intensive progressive development of the scientific and technical progress. In mobile learning a huge range of methods is implemented that enhance the students' cognitive activity, which in turn is essential for the intensification of motor activity of adolescents and the effectiveness of their physical development.


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