Return to Ready for Labour and Defense Programme

Return to Ready for Labour and Defense Programme


A.V. Gursky, associate professor, Ph.D.
Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, Smolensk.

Key words: Labour and Defense complex and standards, national health, ski training lessons.
The paper is devoted to the issue of revival of the Ready for Labour and Defense complex.
Unfortunately, we can say that the physical education curriculum in the majority of schools do not provide ski training. The once established rule that the lessons of physical education in the III quarter include ski training is hardly used.
Although the author is convinced that it is quite possible for many schools, secondary institutions, higher schools, located next to the park area to conduct ski training classes. Yes, you need to prepare for the classes: equipment, clothing for outdoor classes and convenient timing in the school time-table are required in addition to training venues.
Obviously, one is to recall the experience of the past, when the lessons of physical education were combined and they were the last in the school schedule. It is no need to argue that the organization and conduct of ski training lessons will need more time to prepare and will be costly, but it will pay off in improved health thanks to skiing on the fresh, slightly frosty air when 70% of the human muscular system is involved in the work, and hence the effect from such a load is essential.
In winter most of Russia is steadily covered with snow for 3-4 months or even more. Skiing is being cultivated in more than 50 regions. And we want to keep and facilitate our native Russian traditions and the beautiful sport such as cross-country skiing.


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