Organization of Physical Education of Children of Special Medical Group in Conditions of Comprehensive School



O.Yu. Zharova, associate professor, Ph.D.
N.L. Yazynina, associate professor, Ph.D.
S.V. Barkov, associate professor, Ph.D.
Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Smolensk

Key words: system of physical education, special medical group, comprehensive secondary school, schoolchildren, health.
Nowadays, the trend of deterioration in the health of children has become sustainable, as evidenced by the growth of chronic diseases, an increase in congenital diseases and disabilities.
In the recent years, there occurred a decline in health, physical development and motor fitness of children due to deteriorating socio-economic and environmental conditions, unbalanced diet, decrease in motor activity, reducing of recreational and educational work in educational institutions.
The purpose of the present study was to identify the features and quality of the organization of physical education of children of special medical groups in comprehensive secondary schools of Smolensk.
Educational, bio-medical researches and daily observations indicate that at all levels of school education physical education seeks to promote the proper structural and motor development of not only healthy, but also children with poor health due to various reasons, who particularly need properly organized physical education classes. In educational institutions various programs of health protecting activities are being developed. One of the main areas is organization of activities of special medical groups and rehabilitation groups for children with poor health and chronic diseases.


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