Specifics of Organizing and Designing Training Process of Cross Country Skiers Aged 13-14 Years at the Phase of Initial Specialization



E.N. Filippova, associate professor, Ph.D.
Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evsevev, Saransk

Key words: cross country skiers, training process, initial specialization, sports results.
The studies of young skiers are characterized by the complex and intensive interaction of the educational process in secondary school and regular training sessions in a children's sports school.
The purpose of the present study was to increase the sport and recreational effectiveness of the training process of cross country skiers aged 13-14 years at the stage of initial specialization.
The study was conducted on the basis of "Scientific and practical center of physical culture and healthy way of life" of Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute named after M.E. Evsevev.
Skiing, cross-country running (cross) training sessions, conditioning lessons, sports games and elements of sports games and competitions were included in it to study the dynamics of the structure and the volume of the load distribution in the year training cycle.
Cross-country run and races were the main types of loads among young skiers.
According to the findings of the study, loads, performed with the power below critical, which lead to the growth of parameters of aerobic performance and sports results, are of great value in the organization of the training process of young cross country skiers. Sports results had the pronounced unidirectional dynamics throughout the season.


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