Yakut National Games as a Way to Form Special Coordinating Abilities of Children (Case Study of Sakha Republic - Yakutia)



A.S. Filippov, postgraduate
A.A. Sergin, Ph.D.
Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

Key words: coordinating abilities, elementary school age, Yakut national games.
Coordinating abilities of children is to be developed in the period of rapid growth of the organism and changes in the amount of motor activity - in primary school age - the sensitive period of development of coordinating abilities. V.I. Lyakh correlates coordinating abilities with personality traits that determine readiness for optimal control and regulation of motor actions.
Yakut national games are a specific genre of folk art, that reveals the national culture and life of the Yakut people. In the overall system of human physical development child's physical education is of particular importance. It is in the preschool and primary school age, when health basis is being laid, motor skills are being formed and the foundation for training physical qualities is being created.
The purpose of the present study was to analyze the use of Yakut national games to form special coordinating abilities in younger students at physical education lessons.
The analysis of the results of the test of physical fitness of students from both research groups at the final phase of the experiment has revealed significant differences in the results of all test exercises.


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