Sports Education as a Way to Self-Improvement of Young Athletes



E.P. Maksachuk, Ph.D.
Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, Malakhovka, the Moscow region.

Key words: young athletes, self-improvement, sports education, achievement motivation, self-esteem, social boldness.
One of the objectives of sports education is to develop in students of the desire for self-improvement. A person needs this personal quality throughout his life  and increasing demands imposed on him in the modern society, make this issue particularly important.
The process of self-improvement reveals closely interrelated indicators of self-esteem, social boldness and achievement motivation. The last-mentioned is the basis of personality formation. Young success motivated athlete will desperately learn the value content of sports activity in comparison with his peers focused on avoiding failure.
Self-esteem can be a motivating factor of personal development, or vice versa - an inhibitive factor, influences a person's attitude to his own success and failures, underlies the level of aspiration, that is the tasks a person believes he can implement. Social courage, reflecting the willingness to communicate, to fulfill orders, is a necessary component of self-improvement.
The purpose of the present study was to identify the social and educational background and the ways of self-improvement of young athletes
We are to pay attention to the creation of favorable conditions of the training process, which will contribute to social boldness and adequate self-esteem, as well as focus on success, as these indicators affect the self-improvement of young athletes. To do this, it is advisable to include team tasks in the training process, goals set should be short-term, keeping a diary of training sessions will help to compare past results and present achievements.


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