Biomechanical Aspects of Visual Evaluation of Technique of Striking Actions in Kickboxing

Biomechanical Aspects of Visual Evaluation of Technique of Striking Actions in Kickboxing


Al.A. Dzhalilov
Togliatti State University, Togliatti
Ar.A. Dzhalilov, trainer and teacher
Children's sports school "Venets", Togliatti
Yu.M. Alexandrov, postgraduate
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University named after I.N. Ulyanov, Ulyanovsk

Key words: visual evaluation, angular characteristics, informative criteria, kickboxing techniques.
The purpose of the present study was to carry out a qualitative and quantitative analysis of evaluation of kickboxing techniques and allocate its informative criteria. It is interesting that the curriculum of institutes of physical culture do not have the course of visual evaluation of technique of chosen sport. It is not surprising, since the question has not practically been studied.
Men's and women's kickboxing techniques in angular parameters defining individual, most characteristic, postures of parts of the body, was proved to have no statistically significant differences. Hence, the differences in speed and strength and anthropometric characteristics of male and female kickboxers at the elite level do not cause differences in the kinematics of the technique.
The foregoing material has brought the authors to the conclusion that when assessing the angles characterizing the position of parts of the body in space, technique of kickboxers - women and men of the same skill levels - can be assessed from the same positions and in view of the same criteria.


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