Development of the Concept of E-Learning for Physical Culture Based on Microsoft Kinect Technology

Development of the Concept of E-Learning for Physical Culture Based on Microsoft Kinect Technology


E.A. Timofeeva, associate professor, Ph.D.
T.I. Belaya, Ph.D.
North-West Institute of Printing Arts of St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, St. Petersburg

Key words: electronic textbook, physical culture, Microsoft Kinect technology.
The area of unprofessional physical culture and sports in terms of the introduction of information technologies lags far behind other industries. This phenomenon is caused by several reasons, namely low funding of scientific research works in the field of physical culture and works on the implementation of information technologies in this area; highly conserved faculty; small number of technologies adaptable to physical education classes.
The Microsoft Kinect technology provides an active learning experience, regardless of age, as well as innovative educational opportunities in the field of physical culture. The concept of e-learning complex has been created. The findings provided the following conclusions regarding the given concept:
thanks to active development of information technologies physical culture can be taught in educational institutions in accordance with the new public demands;
Microsoft Kinect technologies being developed provide the active phase of learning, regardless of age, and therefore are useful in teaching in secondary, senior and higher schools;
the concept of the given textbook is a multi-functional, since it includes various forms of learning (theoretical foundations, tests for each section, diary of phased development of physical qualities).


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