Self-Study of Students of the Subject of Physical Education in Vocational Training System



M.V. Katrenko
T.E. Trufanova
E.Yu. Kozenko
A.A. Prostyakov

North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol

Key words: educational process, students' self-study, structure of self-study, professional self-development.
The purpose of students' self-study is to form the need for conscious self-studying of subjects of the general cultural unit during all the time of learning in a higher educational institution.
Students' self-study on the subject of physical education in the system of their vocational training is an important component of the educational process, adequate to the ideology of the competency-building approach, providing for a person's ability to independently solve problems arising throughout their professional activity. Herewith, it is important to direct the student to self-study and body-motor self-improvement, taking into account his professional specialization.
The measures of work aimed at the implementation of teaching materials for students' self-study in the field of physical education, developed by the composite authors of the Department of Physical Education of North Caucasus Federal University, indicate positive changes not only in the level of students' activity in it, but also in forming personality physical culture in general.


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