Formation of Theory of Physical Education: Goals, Tasks, Principles

Formation of Theory of Physical Education: Goals, Tasks, Principles


R.M. Kadyrov, professor, Dr.Hab.
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg
D.V. Morschinina, associate professor, Ph.D.
Peter the Great Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces, Moscow
A.V. Karavan, professor, Ph.D.
St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg

Key words: theory of physical education, goal, objectives, principles.
The purpose and objectives of the theory of physical education result from the general direction of education and training in the appropriate chronological periods. It is extremely important to identify the cause-and-effect relationships, clarifying the choice of specific goal and objectives of physical education.
In the first study guides on the theory of physical education aims and objectives were set in a rather broad sense. Attention was focused largely on the regular ity of classes. Physical exercises were closely related to work of various muscle groups.
The principles of physical education are guidelines that define requirements for the content and organization of the process of education and training. Their occurrence provides the necessary intensity of the process.
The actuality of any educational process, including human physical perfection, depends not only on the means applied, but largely on the methodological features of their application.


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