Reliability of Performance of Throwing Elements Outside of Visual Control in Rhythmic Gymnastics



B. Agostini, postgraduate, Brazil
L.A. Novikova
associate professor, Ph.D.
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPC), Moscow

Key words: competitive exercises of rhythmic gymnastics, throw elements outside of visual control, reliability of performance.
The ever-toughening competition in international contests between the strongest female gymnasts, the rapidly increasing complexity of their competitive programs, the focus on the achievement of maximum results in sport lead to the need to improve the entire long-term training process of elite female gymnasts.
Exercises with accessories that differ from each other in texture and properties lay the basis of rhythmic gymnastics. These conditions determine the specificity of training of female gymnasts. These conditions determine the specificity of training od female gymnasts. Technical skills in gymnastics depend on the creation of optimally redundant in difficulty, quality and reliability performed elements of ultimate complexity, combinations in general.
The growing importance of competitive reliability is the result of objective development in comprehensive coordination sports.
The purpose of the present study was to determine the reliability of performance of throw elements outside of visual control in competitive exercises of female gymnasts.
The findings of the research indicate a very low level of reliability of performance of throw elements outside of visual control by female gymnasts, which significantly reduces the competitive outcome and requires adjustment of training with accessories in rhythmic gymnastics.


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