Formation of Positive Mental States in Primary Schoolchildren by Means of Hand-to-Hand Fight



V.V. Kuz'min, candidate
E.V. Romanina, associate professor, Ph.D.
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow

Key words: hand-to-hand fight, primary schoolchildren, sport psychology, mental states, anxiety, motivation, aggression.
Hand-to-hand fight is a sport that positively influences the comprehensive development of a personality, including such qualities as speed in practical actions, agility, strength, endurance, foster such qualities as courage, determination, self-reliance, initiative and resourcefulness, namely the qualities a person needs to solve the tasks he faces in education and work.
This work is aimed at addressing an urgent scientific problem, the essence of which is the insufficiently effective functioning of the system of hand-to-hand fight training of primary schoolchildren in the aspect of formation of their moral and volitional qualities; prevalence of the technical aspect of teaching in the training process; appropriateness of the design and implementation of psycho-pedagogical conditions for the formation of mental states in primary schoolchildren during hand-to-hand fight classes.
The purpose of the present study was to analyze the effect on the formation of socially important personality traits and examined mental states by means of purposeful psychological-pedagogical control over the training process.
The hypothesis on the relationship between hand-to-hand fight classes and the formation of socially important personality traits and mental states in children of primary school age via the targeted psychological and pedagogical control over the training process was confirmed by the findings of the research.


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