Technology of Selection of Teaching Material for E-Study Guide on Physical Education



V.V. Khramov, associate professor, Ph.D.
Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Belarus)

Key words: e-study guide, physical education, teaching motor actions, teaching material.
General teaching requirements to the procedure of preparing teaching information to be included in study guides were described in the works of D.D. Zuev, V.V. Krajewskiy, L.Y. Zorina, I.Ya. Lerner, V.S. Zetlin, V.P. Bespal'ko, M.N. Skatkin and other scientists. V.P. Bespal'ko gave the most accurate and specific description of the foundations of the material for textbooks, representing the theoretical grounds of a school textbook. He assumes that textbook is "an integrated information model" of the subject teaching system. The structure of the system is to include four elements: learning objectives, learning content, didactic processes and organizational forms. Accordingly, the material presented in the textbook should ensure the reproduction of these elements in the practice of teaching work.
The purpose of the present research was to develop the technology of selection of teaching material for e-study guide on Physical Education.
The technology to preparing the teaching content was tested while creating e-study guides for seven sports (basketball, volleyball, football, athletics, aerobics, athletic gymnastics and sports tourism).
The e-study guide for physical education lessons is a specialized information system designed to help in learning motor actions. The teaching material is presented using visual forms with a learning objective, method of achieving it, success criteria for teaching work. Didactic functions of the system are directly dependent on the quality of the educational content.


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